Executive Search Firm Services

MSO Technology performs dedicated / partially retained manager level and above searches for the semiconductor, microelectronics, optoelectronics, electronic components, hardware, cleantech, and related industries including fabless, foundries, design houses, IP/Cores, EDA, materials, packaging, equipment, distributors, and sales representatives. The results of our dedicated search and recruiting methodology and sourcing strategy is unmatched in the industry.

What Separates Us from Other Firms

Specs: Through years of research, we have accumulated detailed information on 80,000 plus candidates and over 4,000 semiconductor, microelectronics, optoelectronics, and related companies including key employees, products, markets, fabrication processes, technical environment, key competitors, and all levels of management. This information enables us to quickly recruit high quality candidates who best match a company's business and technology. The passive job seekers we directly source from companies are always the most desirable candidates.

Speed: We attack all searches with a strong sense of urgency. Our goal is three perfect candidates in seven days, not three reasonable candidates in 30 days like most firms. Engaging in a select and manageable number of searches at one time is the key to accomplishing this aggressive goal. We measure our success by how quickly and efficiently we produce a new hire for your company. We have a 100% success record on all dedicated search assignments as compared to the industry average of 72%.

Price: MSO Technology offers two aggressive fee structures, including a non-traditional fee structure that merges the cost benefits of contingency (less risk/outlay) with the retained model (due when successful). The result is a below average fee without the restrictive terms and guaranteed payments due found in many search firm agreements.

Unmatched Search Firm Pricing Structure

  • $5,000 retainer for management level, $15.000 due upon search completion.
  • $10,000 retainer for executive level, $20,000 due upon search completion.
  • No middle payment is required in 30 days or after three resume submittals.
  • $40,000 to $110k savings as compared to other executive search firm fees.
  • No final payment is required if the open position is filled by client company.
  • We work on 1 to 2 positions at one time. Industry average is 14 per recruiter.

We Have Been the Perfect Solution for Many

  • We have recruiting methods, tools, employee, and industry information that allows us to efficiently locate and contact anyone at any company quickly.
  • Candidates often need to be sold on a company and an opportunity. We help ensure that when a job offer is presented the candidate always accepts.
  • We keep the number of technology companies we recruit for at any one time low, so that we have many companies to consider for direct sourcing.
  • Developing long-term relationships is our primary goal. This is accomplished by providing exceptional candidates quickly and at a reasonable cost.
  • The candidates you receive from MSO Technology are directly and discretely sourced. You will not see the candidates we submit from any other source.

Contingency Recruiters Cost Time and Money

To research, identify, locate, contact, and recruit quality candidates in a timely manner and, at a reduced cost, requires focus and dedication. Because we are retained we can limit the number of positions we work on at any one time (1-2). Since contingency recruiters have no commitment from companies they need to work on 15 to 30 plus positions at once. This results in inconsistent and mediocre results. Our professional recruiting team focuses on a low number of searches at any one time in a very specific industry, so the time it takes us to fill a position is significantly less. As a result of working on a more manageable number of search assignments our success rate is much greater. When speed, quality, and cost is a factor MSO Technology is the solution. You will enjoy more and better candidate choices and your position will be closed more quickly and efficiently.