Candidate Recruiting Services

Professional Headhunters / Agents are used extensively in all major industries and professions. Whether you are open to a job and career change should an opportunity present itself or actively involved in a job search, an important job prospecting method is to utilize the services of a professional executive search firm. The financial and time benefits of engaging a headhunter are substantial. You should always represent yourself with an agent when possible.

Key Considerations and Benefits

All companies use search firms. We have established relationships with hundreds of technology employers and hiring managers. Within highly technical industries like semiconductors, microelectronics, and optoelectronics, headhunters are an integral and essential partner to grow an organization with the most talented individuals.

We are a direct link between you and the hiring authority resulting in much faster hiring, more job interviews, increased resume and interview feedback, better manager communications, improved offers / negotiations, a more smooth and efficient job search and hiring process, and our ability to sell you directly to the hiring manager.

Insight into jobs not publicized is a key advantage of using headhunters. While it may seem like all job openings must be posted online, relatively few are. There are thousands of semiconductor, microelectronics, and optoelectronics companies. The open positions number in the thousands. Job boards have very few of these positions.

Better job offers are a result of using headhunters. Employment research shows that working through a professional headhunter increases offers by nearly 20% as compared to direct negotiations. Agents also bridge the personal aspect of tough negotiations with your future employer. We have assisted with hundreds of job offers.

Hiring manager and company knowledge is crucial for success. Whether you are interested in the most promising start-ups or large companies, we have in-depth industry and market knowledge. We learn what is important to hiring managers and we make sure you have this insight to get the interview and have a successful interview.

Better chance for an interview and offer is why using a headhunter is a smart decision. We sell you at all stages of the hiring process, which cannot be done applying to a job directly. This is a tremendous advantage over an unrepresented candidate. If it comes down to you and another candidate, you will get the job if we represent you in your search.

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