MSO Technology Search Firm

MSO Technology, a technology search firm, offers the finest services available on a national and worldwide scope. We understand that the success of our organization depends on the level of service we provide to the semiconductor professionals and corporations we serve. Our commitment to service begins with the employers we partner with. Through the years we have established strong relationships with the leading companies throughout the technology industry.

Why MSO Technology?

We perform management through C-Level searches for all functions within an organization and we cover the entire defense, aerospace, microelectronics, semiconductor, and optoelectronics industries. Through many years of research, we have accumulated detailed information on thousands of employers and candidates. The result of this research and expertise allows companies to experience the benefits of professional search services without the high cost. Knowing which companies and employees would best match an employer's technology, products, and market allows us to measure our success in weeks rather than months like most firms. As a result of our efficiency, we pass the savings on to our customers.

Where We Locate Candidates

Often lost in technology recruiting is the fact that there is an enormous supply of potential candidates. There are nearly hundreds of thousands of defense, aerospace, microelectronics, and semiconductor professionals in America alone. If you have ever wondered where all of the candidates are when you post a job, they are out there, but not always actively looking for a new job or looking at job boards. Many of these candidates, however, would be open to an opportunity but they are often unaware of a particular job opening or that a company may even exist, such as with start-ups. With years of research and relationships, these desirable candidates are who we efficiently identify, approach, and recruit for companies.

When We Can Be of Service

For employers, if you are interested in interviewing candidates that will not come from any other source, and would like to experience quality search services without the high cost, then we are your answer. For candidates, whether you are actively looking for a position or just open to opportunities that meet your criteria, our professionals are here to serve you.